Working With Rhythm Of The Music

Since our existence, working with rhythm of the music is always necessary in our lives. Music is with us in nature with its timbre and instruments. When we are happy or sad there is always a song with us. Sometimes it becomes an interpreter to our emotions, sometimes it changes and transforms our emotions.

Especially in moments of stress brought by the busy business life, a melody that relieves us or a composition that calms us, tunes in our ears. They did not say in vain “music heals the souls”
For this reason, music has acquired an indispensable place in our lives.
By making use of this healing and stimulating aspect of music as ARS Consultancy, we have been listening a song in our office before starting our work every afternoon on our working days. It is clear that debt collection requiries patience and positive energy.

Our tradition of music share, which is prepared on request songs from our teammates, has been going on for a long time. We did not take a break even during the pandemic period. It is clear that we need songs that cheer and bring us closer while we continue our work by staying at our homes.


Music, Money and Collection

We work with many people from different cultures, especially in international receivable management, which is our field of activity. Thanks to the principle of universality of music, we always have the opportunity to get acquainted with different music styles and lyrics.
Due to the nature of our business, we contribute to improving cash flow by collecting the money of many companies abroad. Similarly, we assist our international clients to collect their debts in Turkey. By this way, we experience international touch of debt recovery on daily basis. That is why, we prepared a list of 5 songs about ‘money’ in different languages for you on World Music Day as we aim to collect money for our customers at soonest. According to working with rhythm of the music ,we wish you a pleasant time while listening.


1. Abba – Money Money Money (1976)

The song of the legendary music group Abba, which comes to mind all over the world when it comes to “Money”, is at the top of our list.

2. Rüçhan Çamay – Para Parra Parra (1976)

In our list when its said “Money” in Turkey ,the first song which comes to mind takes the second place. It is a good coincidence that the first two songs were released in 1976.

3. Mahmood – Soldi (2019)

Representing Italy in the 2019 Eurovision contest, the artist signed one of the most popular songs of the year.

4. Blanche Bailly – Argent (2019)

It is almost impossible to stand without dancing while listening to the song of the Cameroonian artist, which is a hit in African countries.

5. Travie McCoy – Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars (2010)

The artist, who released 10 years ago with his song, was awarded. The most listened song of the year in America by saying “I want to be a billionaire”.

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