Debt Collection Trainings

Corporate Trainings

Our trainings are specifically adapted to our customer’s product or service. There is no participant limitation. It takes place at our client’s office or online. It is mostly organized for teams in companies’ accounting, finance, sales or collection units. Special arrangements are made according to the experience and knowledge of the participants, the organizational structure of the institution and the documents used. Efficiency and increase in corporate collection performance are targeted.

Open Class Trainings

These are trainings open to everyone, attended by one or more people from the companies and given every 3 months. Participant limitation is 15 people. It takes place in our office or online. Mostly accounting managers, collection specialists, sales directors and company managers participate. The aim is to increase the collection skills of the participants through common experiences by witnessing different sectors and working models.

Our Training Content

  • Negotiation techniques in debt recovery
  • Understanding Debtor psychology
  • Changing Payment behavior
  • Persuasion Methods
  • 4 types of debtor
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Sales perspective in Debt Recovery
  • Tips of Collection Calls
  • Stages of a Successful Dunning process
  •  Stress and Time Management
  •  Due diligence and Investigations

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