The Bad Debts in For Countries

The bad debts usually refers to accounts receivable that will not be collected. It means that you mention your receivables as uncollectable. For each countries have their own regulations regarding this process. In Turkey you need to start legal action against debtor in Turkey or in debtor’s country. What are the two methods of recording […]


World trade has come a long way from the silk road based international trade. In those times, doing business internationally was incredibly laborious and time consuming. That is why there were not too many merchants doing business internationally but the ones who did were relatively reliable and respected. Therefore, they were not expected to trick […]

How to do it? – Debt Collection in Turkey

Prelegal debt collection via a collection agency is still a developing way of recovering debts. Turkey is the one of newest friend of this industry. Most of Turkish people still do not know about the concept of ‘ inkaso’ and also how do inkaso companies (debt collection agencies) operate. Why it is important to find […]