Federation of European National Collection Agencies (1993)

FENCA’s 23 national member associations and affiliate members, represent 75% of all credit management companies in Europe.

International Association of Commercial Collectors

IACC, based in USA, is the world’s largest association of commercial collection professionals, delivers education and professional resources.

League International for Creditors (1962)

Founded in Germany, LIC is a network of reliable representatives who help creditors for debt collection.

European Collectors Association (1981)

ECA is a reputable organization whose membership represents the best debt collection agencies in each European country.

American Lawyers Quarterly (1899)

ALQ is USA-based directory representatives and entities specialized in debt collection and creditors’ rights.

The Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (2002)

KAGIDER is the largest NGO that aims at strengthening women entrepreneurs with 420 members representing 8% of the Turkish economy.

ACA International (1939)

ACA International is the leading association in the industry of receivables management with more than 5,500 members.

Service Exporters Association of Turkey (2021)

HIB, with it’s 8 sector committees, creates a service export strategy, identify sectoral problems and offer solutions to service exporters in Turkey.