What is ARSinkaso?

We are ARS ConsultancyTurkey’s first International Pre-Legal Debt Collection Agency. Also we aim to ensure you do not have any Overdue Receivables in Turkey through our ARSinkaso Services.

It is highly important for businesses to sustain a stable and strong cash flow throughout their operations with their clients. Yet, it is not always possible to ensure the payments will be made without any delays. Below you can see the reasons about this situation:

  • Disputes
  • Communication errors
  • Status changes of clients during forward sales
  • Cash-flow issues of the clients

What is ARSinkaso?

ARSinkaso is the debt collection process in Turkey. This process aims to help you collect your overdue receivables in Turkey. So you will have solved your problem with the pre-law stage. Within this service, we aim to not only collect your receivables. But also we aim to collect them in a prompt manner. We have 10-year-experience about  debt collection in Turkey. For this reason we are prioritizing our swift actions while also preserving our effectiveness.

As ARS Consultancy, during the ARSinkaso process, we aim to resolve any disputes present with Turkish Debtors. We solve this problem in an amicable manner, through reconciliation and clear communication. We have a 78% success rate in Debt Recovery Cases in Turkey.

Pre-Legal Action Equals Prompt Collection

Legal processes take a long time all around the globe due to various stages. Because of that paperwork and a high volume of proceedings due to take  a long time. The situation does not differ in Turkey, as legal cases take anywhere from 2 years to 4 years to conclude. The situation has only gotten worse due to the precautions introduced with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Acknowledging the importance of Early Diagnosis & Swift Action, ARSinkaso initiates the Debt Collection in Turkey processes.Meanwhile, for Turkish clients of international clients, direct results are obtained during the Pre-Law Phase. So this service process provides faster startup as well as moving. We only require an agreement to start our Pre-Legal Debt Collection efforts for your Receivables in Turkey.  And take our first actions for Debt Recovery as soon as our agreement is signed.


Each Case Receives Exclusive Treatment 

We recognize that each Overdue Receivable is different, as well as their reasons for not being paid. Hence, we diligently examine each case and the supporting documents, preparing a unique approach along with an exclusive action plan to reach Amicable Collection in Turkey.  By this, we do not follow the same procedures, treating each case with special attention. Hence, we determine the most suitable, quick, and applicable steps to increase the possibility of collection through experience and thorough examination of documents & past correspondence with the Turkish Debtors.

Preserving Your Earnings with “No Collection No Fee”

  ARSinkaso process operates on a “No Collection No Fee” basis, which means we will not request any fees nor payments before we successfully recover your Receivables in Turkey. When we do, we will only receive a commission from the collected amount, based on our pre-agreed commission rate.

By fixing our commission rates to the collected debt amount, we always ensure your percentage of earnings without increasing your expenses. Within our “No Recovery No Fee” pricing policy, we want you to feel comfortable knowing you will not have to spend more before your Receivable Case in Turkey is solved.

Protecting Business Relationships with ARSinkaso 

Disrupted cash-flows and delayed payment from Turkish Clients do not only strain cash-flows, but also strain business relationships. Although these processes can be challenging and stressful for creditors, we always aim to Collect Overdue Receivables in Turkey in a professional manner, ensuring the collection process would not damage the relationship between you & your client.

In fact, we aim to better your client’s payment habits throughout our Debt Collection efforts. This way, we both collect the Overdue Amount and contribute to your future trade, if you would wish to continue your work with your Turkish Customer.

Expert Team, Expert Results

Our team consists of expert agents knowledgeable in Turkish law, local regulations, and customs. As a local agency, with proficiency in negotiation and persuasion techniques, we contact your Turkish Customers in their native language as a Debt Collection Agency within their country. This way, we efficiently further the discussion processes towards quick results without allowing any misunderstandings that might arise due to language barriers.

For the Pre-Legal Collection of your Overdue Receivables in Turkey, e-mail us at in**@ar************.com or call us at +90 212 296 91 47.

 Onur Saatçıoğlu | International Collection and Risk Managment Jr. Specialist

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