Healthcare Debt Recovery Services in Turkey

As we are living in an exceptional time because of the COVID-19 virus which is spreading all around the World, we wish to you all to be safe and stay at home on behalf of ARS Consultancy.

Almost all of the World is depending on the healthcare workers now and that made the world realize their importance in our life once more since the Spanish flu. Therefore, we thought that we should call attention to the healthcare industry’s international debt collection issues in our blog today.

The modern healthcare industry has 3 essential divisions; Services, Products and Finance. As it is one of the fastest growing industry in the world, it uses averagely %10 of most countries GDP.

As ARS Consultancy, we have been serving this industry in order to manage their International debt collections on pre-legal phase for years, we have been able to collect some data which we think it may be important for the industry to follow.

Below you can find some reasons for the formation of debts according to our experience,

  • International patient’s unpaid invoices relying on living abroad.
  • International companies’ personnel’s unpaid invoices for various reasons.
  • International forwarder’s unpaid invoices.
  • Serving patients coming from specific countries which the world struggles to receive payment because of political reasons.
  • Unconfirmed contact details of the patients which later found to be inoperative.
  • Insurance companies’ misleading information given to the patients about the repayment for the healthcare provider.

ARS Consultancy is aiming for collecting international receivables for the industry while they are struggling with COVID-19. Our philosophy on collecting debts can be defined as No Recovery, No Fee which means we will not charge the industry unless we collect their receivables. We have been well experienced on the debtor profile on the healthcare industry and capable of reaching 155 countries all around the world. 

Pre-legal solutions for the international receivables for this industry are the most common practices within the Debt Collection Agencies. This leads for many advantages for the creditors such as; Time, Cost, Efficiency.

As the coronavirus hit the world all of a sudden, the healthcare product industry has seen this as an opportunity and they have been overproducing some products for the market. This might lead to a huge increase international debt in mid-term after the world reaches the saturation point or when the COVID-19 is cured. We would strongly suggest that industry to take any necessary precautions before and consider Risk Management Services extensively from the Collection Agencies in order to investigate and evaluate your ongoing trade.

Please feel free to contact our experts for the questions, we will be more than glad to lead you to the right direction in this time.

In the meanwhile, please stay at home and wash your hands regularly.



Co-Director – International Relations | ARS Consultancy