The Golden Keys of An Effective Debt Collection

Nowadays, receivable management has become much more important due to constantly changing market conditions. Companies should also consider the debt collection process in their sales policies. Although a company’s sales figures are high, it is not possible to talk about profitability if the receivables are not collected on time. At this point, receivable management plays […]

Why Debt Collection is Important in Turkey?

When your Turkish customer delays a payment to your company, it generates a shortage in your cash flow. Because it is an international customer, it gets more complicated and you may not know exactly what to do. You try to contact with the Turkish debtor by phone but its generates additional and unexpected costs for […]

Recommendations from Turkish Debt Collection Experts 

Contrary to what is known and even applied, the sale process is completed not only by delivering the goods/services but also by collecting the money from the customers. For this reason, receivables management, which is often left secondary unfortunately, has the biggest share in the successful cash-flow of companies. Moreover, debt collection constitutes the most […]

Let us collect your receivables, so you better grow your business!

In order to increase your company efficiency and competitiveness in the industry, it is very important to manage available resources and control the cash-flow. In fact, debt collection may be underestimated sometimes and unfortunately remains a bit more in the background for most companies. However, as ARS Consultancy, based on our years of experience, we […]

Healthcare Debt Recovery Services in Turkey

As we are living in an exceptional time because of the COVID-19 virus which is spreading all around the World, we wish to you all to be safe and stay at home on behalf of ARS Consultancy. Almost all of the World is depending on the healthcare workers now and that made the world realize their importance in […]

Effects of COVID19 on Debt Collection in Turkey

Together with the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease (Covid19), we all witnessed and remembered the importance of ‘Digital Transformation’ among many other issues. We live in a world where companies can buy and sell goods to companies outside their borders even without traveling to another country. And today, when it comes to ‘international receivables’, most […]

Women and Debt Collection

Receivable management and debt collection is still a  male-dominated area. The prejudices and stereotypes of being a woman in this field, creates a huge wall that prevents having a broader understanding of doing an effective business. The theme of 2020 International Women’s Day on the 8th of March is ‘An equal world is an enabled […]

Collection – Call Center Conference

ARS Consultancy General Manager Mrs.Ayşe Burcu Arslan will be the speaker at the debt collection sector meetings for the development of customer services to be held at the Fairmonth Quasar Hotel by IMI Conferences on Wednesday, March 11.

Why should you join the Debt Collection Training Programme ?

Companies consider their growth and development with a focus on sales.However, if the post-sales collection does not occur, the sales will lose its quality and sustainability cannot be achieved. Debt collection plays an important role for fiscal sustainability. In addition, if the collection of the sales is not realized on time, the risk of losing […]

The Bad Debts in Foreign Countries

The bad debts usually refers to accounts receivable that will not be collected. It means that you mention your receivables as uncollectable. For each countries have their own regulations regarding this process. In Turkey you need to start legal action against debtor in Turkey or in debtor’s country. What are the two methods of recording […]