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About Us

International Receivables Management Solutions

  • ARS Consultancy is Turkey’s first firm specializing in international receivables management also debt collection in Turkey.
  • ARS Consultancy aims at providing solutions to the problems of international receivables both in Turkey and in any country around the world.
  • So, we offer the assistance that your business needs from a one customer case to full credit risk management.
  • Our pre-legal debt collection program fees are contingency based. In other words; “No Recovery…No Fee”. Besides, we work hard for your business and our recovery successes demonstrate this.
  • We adhere to the standards of practice detailed in multiple international organizations within our industry set forth by ACA International, GCS Group (Global Compliance Requirement Program), FDCPA and FENCA.
  • What’s more, Ars Consultancy is a reputable, proffesional and an ethical firm in Turkey.
  • If legal debt collection becomes necessary, our legal team of solution partners is ready with ARSlegal service which provides the best advice and legal skill available in Turkey. 

    Although there is not yet a regulatory law specific for debt collection agencies in Turkey, we adhere to the standards of practice detailed in multiple international organizations within our industry set forth by FDCPA (The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act which became effective in March 1978, was designed to eliminate abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices) and by other groups and associations such as FENCA, ACA International, ECA, LIC which we are member of.

ARS Consultancy: Debt Collection in Turkey

  • Based in Istanbul, Turkey, our team of collection specialists is highly trained. In addition to their financial knowledge,
  • familiarity with local customs and culture,
  • our agents are trained in negotiation,
  • confliction resolution,
  • and other persuasion techniques.

Thus, Ars Consultancy provides to amicable recovery solutions. Namely, this emphasizes our commitment to amicable debt resolution. Also, ARS Consultancy wants to play a supporting role in the success of your business.

Our Mission

Collecting the debts at soonest during prelegal process while preserving the trade relations between the debtor and the creditor.

Our Vision

Being the first company that comes to mind, if a receivable is even 1 day overdue.

Our Values


we are motivated and share the desire of our cleints for a successful and amicable recovery.


We are committed to a team environment with all members encouraged to share ideas, skills and grow our company and those of our clients together.


We create long term business relationships with our clients and become a valuable asset that saves them both time and money.


As a result, we undertake to provide the highest standard of professional conduct in our dealings with our clients and their customers, alike.

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