Pre-legal Debt Collection in Turkey

We know from experience that most international debts in Turkey can be recovered with the right approach.

Approaching the Turkish debtors in their native language and also knowing the local laws/regulations allows ARS Consultancy to provide ‘Amicable Recovery Solutions’ during pre-legal debt collection process in Turkey. For your reassurance, we offer a simple and straightforward ‘NO Recovery NO Fee’ guarantee.

ARSinkaso offers two programs for pre-legal debt collection in Turkey. Single Debt Collection Case in Turkey and our Receivables Management Program for Batch of Debt Collection Cases in Turkey, both of which are contingency based, NO Recovery…NO Fee, programs. The following is a brief explanation of each and why it might be best choice for your business.

Single Debt Collection Case in Turkey

This case by case program is ideal for a one time debt collection or companies with a lower volume of collection cases. After submitting your case, we review the specific case details, provide a commission rate on any recovery, and return a Service Agreement, to you. Upon receipt of your signed service agreement, action begins within 48 hours.

Batch of Debt Collection Cases in Turkey

Our Receivables Management Program is also a contract based service agreement for companies with a higher volume of collection cases. This option is more cost effective and time saving in that the commission rate is a predetermined flat rate, and there is no application/service agreement process for each single claim. This flat rate commission structure is determined by the volume and value of your collection needs. Once determined, all of your collection issues are handled for this same lower commission rate. This is the obvious choice for international or larger companies doing business in Turkey.

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