Let us collect your receivables, so you better grow your business!

In order to increase your company efficiency and competitiveness in the industry, it is very important to manage available resources and control the cash-flow. In fact, debt collection may be underestimated sometimes and unfortunately remains a bit more in the background for most companies. However, as ARS Consultancy, based on our years of experience, we strongly advocate that receivables management must be one of the most important parts of a good company.

With a global network over 4000 people in 155 countries, we provide debt collection services in Turkey for thousands of clients. We identify ourselves as the collection department of our clients and this unified perspective strengths our cooperation with our clients. As the leading debt collection agency in Turkey, ARS Consultancy offers the opportunity of “NO recovery, NO fee”. By this way our clients do not take any risk and also spend their precious time in developing their own business, while we concentrate on collecting their receivables from their Turkish customers.

Fast and Best Prelegal Debt Collection in Turkey

One of advantages of debt recovery before the legal process is that there are no procedural obstacles to lose more time. The debt collection cases in Turkey can be solved much faster with the main focus of locating the Turkish debtors and providing an amicable solution before legal action. The day you decide to work with us, we, as ARS Consultancy, start working on your file within 48 hours. As the pioneer debt collection agency in Turkey focusing on ‘international cases only’, we are highly experienced in professional expectations of our international clients all around the world such as GDPR. Our foreign clients are highly satisfied with our %78 success rate and even if there is no debt recovery (from various reasons i.e. debtor went bankrupt or the file is statue barred due to 10 years of limitation in Turkey), our international clients are happy with the way we handle their cases with a tailor-made approach. We provide instant updates regarding an each development and share solution-oriented regular reports on every case.  We work hard for your company to have the highest earnings and generate money concerning your outstanding balances.

As an international receivable management company, we advise all companies not to give up on their receivables. All trading companies should keep searching for efficient way to collect their debts from their domestic or foreign customers. The labour and the money behind each business relationship should not be forgotten. Even your Turkish customers come up with various excuses to delay the payment, it is our expertise to find out the real reason by talking in the native language of Turkish debtors during our prelegal debt collection process. This also enables us to solve conflicts and persuade Turkish debtors for a settlement and/or partial payments.

If you need to debt recovery in Turkey, ARS Consultancy is here and ready to assist. We are eager to understand both parties and represent our client in front of Turkish companies or individuals to find a mutually agreeable payment plans.

Investigations and Risk Management in Turkey

We can also help you to investigate your potential customers in Turkey. In other words, we have clients whom we assist not only when their Turkish customers do not pay the bills, but also when their potential and new customers are at stake. If you would like to know whether your potential client in Turkey is genuine and if it really exists or want to know their shareholders, trading name, number of employees ect.. we can provide  you a  ‘Business Report’ or a ‘Credit Report’ about the corporate and financial of status a Turkish company.  ARS Consultancy has hundreds of international clients who have protected themselves from making bad decisions or clients who have increased their business activity based on the results of our credit and business reports in Turkey.

Risk management and investigation services are complementing our debt collection services in Turkey. It is equally important to investigate your potential Turkish customer before you start to work and before giving important business decisions such as taking legal action or not. For the latter, most our international clients prefer to make an asset check about a Turkish company or a Turkish person before they decide to take legal action. Similarly, site visit in Turkey can also be necessary during pre-legal debt collection process.  For missing debtors in Turkey, we also perform skiptracing services about Turkish individuals in order to locate their current registered address.

Commission Based Debt Collection in Turkey

As ARS Consultancy, we know that “Your receivable is not a gift your customers” . Working with the right debt collection agency, would help you to collect your debts as well as keep your customers. If you cooperate with us, you will experience the privileges of working with the best collection agency in Turkey. ARS Consultancy knows the importance of collection and risk management for all companies and we treat all Turkish debt collection cases as if it is our ‘receivable’. We are confident in our abilities and that explains why we work with ‘No win no fee’ policy for all international debt collection inquiries in Turkey. You pay the agreed commission only after the debt collection and only from the recovered amount. You can easily get a quote and learn our commission rates for your debt collection case in Turkey.

We are as close as a phone call or an email to let you witness the results and quality of our services: [email protected] +90 212 296 9147Let us collect your receivables, so you can better focus on your business!



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