How to collect debts in Turkey?

Since 2011 ARS Consultancy had been working with a wide range of debt collection files in Turkey. Nowadays, ARS Consultancy is the Turkey’s first and largest International Pre-Legal Debt Collection Agency. Turkey, as an full integrated economy in the World, had struggled in the recent months along with other countries, with the ongoing covid_19 pandemic […]

What is ARSinkaso?

It is highly important for businesses to sustain a stable and strong cash flow throughout their operations with their clients. Yet, it is not always possible to ensure the payments will be made without any delays due to various reasons such as disputes, communication errors, status changes of clients during forward sales, and/or the cash-flow issues of the […]

Prioritizing Payments is Critical in Debt Collection

Although we acknowledge the trade as exporting or importing products, it means that a process that has not been collected has not been completed. The payment behavior of companies plays a critical role in the completion of the trading process. Especially in deferred payments, the strategies of the creditor companies are determinative against the stereotyped […]

Two Keys that Make Debt Collection Easier: Preparation and Negotiation

One of the most important problems businesses experience is overdue receivables, which negatively impacts their cash-flow, as well as disrupting their relationship with their client. Despite acknowledging the issue, it can still be tough to collect the overdue amount from the customer. Most of the time, it is because people feel reluctant to ask for […]

Debt Collection Companies Are Mostly Confused With What?

The control, acceleration and correct planning of cash flows of import and export companies is called receivable management. The receivable management service, which is widely provided in developed countries today, is becoming more active and known in developing countries day by day. Receivables management services are provided by consultancy firms that are mostly specialized and […]

Why Should You Be Working with a Collection Agency?

There are several factors when it comes to further growing a business while maintaining stability, but one of these factors surely stand out when compared to the others; money. When a sale of yours does not return as a collection, or you cannot receive the amount you were promised, your cash-flow gets disrupted, which might […]

Receivables Management within Tourism Industry in Turkey

All industries which has a ‘forward sales’ policy is open for risks of uncollected receivables. Mainly for this reason, companies within tourism sector in Turkey pays attention to reduce such debt risks. Making contracts with clients and suppliers is among these tools to prevent debt collection problems with Turkish companies.  Although there are contracts, unpredictables […]

Increase Your Profits by Reducing The Risk

Today, companies can easily reach each other without knowing the distance and can develop their trade networks by making agreements. Although this fast and easy access brings many benefits to companies, it also contains risks. Before starting a new venture, a detailed research should be made about the company or subject person. As ARS Consultancy, […]

Payment Methods in Debt Collection in Turkey

In the globalizing world, receivables management is becoming more important day by day. Due to the rapidly changing market conditions, companies must constantly renew themselves and be more flexible. Companies should also consider the debt collection process in their sales policies. Although a company’s sales figures are high, it is not possible to talk about […]

Process for Uncollected Receivables in Turkey

In every business, it is very important to receive the corresponding debt from your clients. Not only because these receivables are yours but also and more important, because it is a real reward of our job and efforts. More over, late payments, and unpaid outstanding balances will be highly costly for your business and have […]