No. Although we are specialized in international B2B claims in Turkey and our office is located in Istanbul, we provide pre-legal assistance in all international debt collection cases and wherever your unpaying customer is. Our global network of solution partners operates in 155 countries around the World.
In most cases, unless otherwise stated in the Service Agreement, recovered funds are paid to you, the creditor. We can in special circumstances receive recovered funds for our clients.
Because successful debt recovery is often settled with a structured, monitored, payment schedule, suggesting a “timeframe”, can be misleading. Typically, we are able to reach a full recovery or payment plan within 60 days.
This means simply: You pay nothing, if we do not recover your debt. There are no hidden fees or costs with our contingency based, pre-legal debt collection programs.
A pre-agreed, flat commission rate is paid upon your receipt of recovered funds or goods only.
No. The pre-agreed, flat rate commission is paid on the total recovered funds, only.
For each debt collection case, our commission rates differ for pre-legal debt collection services. Mainly the following criteria play role in order to raise our commission offer: Debt Amount, Date of Debt, Country/City of Debtor, and Claim Status (disputed or not?). For a long term cooperation models with our partners and/or clients, we work on a flat commission rate depending on the monthly case volume and value.
The sooner you send your claim to ARS Consultancy, the lower commission offer will take place; plus pre-legal collectability will be higher. On average… Our Successful Recovery Rate is 78% on cases that are 90 days to 6 months old.
Yes. Although our case specific approach applies more on international B2B (commercial) claims, we also provide retail collections in Turkey (i.e. debt claims coming from our bank clients, hospitals, universities ect.).
ARSinkaso means pre-legal debt collection services provided by ARS Consultancy in Turkey. ARSinkaso pre-legal and amicable debt recovery solutions are often a fast, risk-free solution that saves your business time and money.
On average… Our Successful Recovery Rate is 78%, on pre-legal debt collection in Turkey. It should be noted that success rates are always much higher on cases that are 90 days to 6 months old.
Any document relating to your case or debtor (Invoice, Contract, Emails, Bill of Lading, ID Copy etc.), is potentially valuable and helpful. Original of documents are not necessary for ARSinkaso pre-legal stage. It suffices if you send case documents by email. Our skilled specialists can analyze and use this information. It is equally important to include all available information with your Case Submission Form (CSF). Please contact us to obtain this form (CSF).
Please contact us by phone or email for a free consultation. We would be happy to discuss how we can help you with all your debt collection and Credit Risk Management needs. From a Single Case… to a complete Receivables Management Programs, ARSinkaso can help.
We provide multiple services in Turkey including; Skiptracing, and Company Investigations/ Due Diligence, for these situations. Please contact us to know more about how we may assist you.
No. We are Turkey’s first debt collection agency specializing in International Receivables Management.
Yes. We have a legal team composed of most experienced and specialized lawyers in Turkey. We operate with our attorneys at the same office in Istanbul and provide legal assistance in every field of Turkish Law. If you need any legal advisory in Turkey, please contact us to have our legal advice, for free.